Hey!! It’s been a long time!! Sorry about that. We had a problem that had to be solved. Leia had to go home because she was not feeling well so we are continuing the tour with Julia, Chastity’s bassist. She’s amazing, she learned all the songs by herself in the van, yesterday it was our first show with her and it went so well! She rocks!! We are so ready for the rest of the tour and can’t wait to play another show with her.

Today we are heading to Austin, Texas. We have a long drive ahead from New Orleans, but we got movies and food so that won’t be a problem. We are used to it. 8 hour drives got so common in our lives that we are not even bothered by the idea. It’s the lifestyle we chose and we fucking love it.

We don’t know what to expect from Austin, people say it’s an awesome place, we’ve never been there so we are curious to see how it is. We’ve been told it’s 43°C (110°F) there and we are a little scared about that, we’ve never experienced such high temperatures. In New Orleans we were at 31°C and it was already overwhelming, I know it’s because of humidity though. Maybe in Austin the feeling is different.

We’ll try to go on with this diary, hopefully now that everything is going smoothly we can upate it every day!



PS:. Highlight of the week was going to Chipotle with Chastity and getting free meals 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I know it’s only Tuesday, but that’s already the indisputable highlight of the week. VIVA LOS BURRITOS!


Yesterday we played San Francisco. It was really cool. I feel like we have a real connection with Julia, we’ve already played 6 shows with her and it’s getting even better everytime. We feel as confident as we could be on stage.

The day before we had a problem with the hotel where we were supposed to stay in Los Angeles. We had 3 rooms booked and a couple days ago we called to cancel one of them, since Leia is not touring with us we don’t need that extra room. But the hotel canceled the 3 rooms instead of canceling just one and they were fully booked and it was Saturday night, so we couldn’t find another place to stay for less than 300 bucks a night. Finally Rebecca (our publicist in the US) let us stay at her house, they were throwing a party there and it was funny because we went straight to sleep when we got there while people were drinking and having fun outside of the room. Antonio had to sleep on the couch so he stayed up and partied with them.

Los Angeles was amazing. We went ro visit the Griffith Observatory with our friend Josh and then we had dinner with him. The show was amazing, people were so awesome, I love when I see them having fun during our set. Some of them were jumping and singing and dancing and that is the best feeling.

Today we are heading to Seattle, we have a 12 hours drive ahead of us, but luckily the show is tomorrow. So we’ll be fine.

(Jazz pulling an extra crazy face in Los Angeles. All pics by Diego)


TODAY we have our FIRST SHOW at Babys All Right!

Our day couldn’t start better, Jacky ordered some pancakes for us and we are eating them right now. Best breakfast EVER.

In 30 mins we are going to record a Live Session, we still gotta choose wich songs to play!

Yesterday’s pizza meeting was so cool. We got to meet Lina finally!!

07/16/18 part 2

*Jazz and Leia after lunch*

We woke up at 6am. Couldn’t sleep more. 3 sad hours of sleep. You didn’t pray enough guys haha

We walked through the empty Brooklyn streets and went to the supermarket. Cheerios, bread, milk, juice, water, rice, beans, butter, cheese, bbq sauce and chicken fingers. We spent 64 dollars, I mean, why are supermarkets so fucking expensive here, I mean, 7 dollars a fucking pack of Cheerios. We are musicians. We want Cheerios. We are not rich.

We went to Captured Tracks’ office to say hi. 30 minute walk, not bad, but the sun was like burning hell. Antonio’s face and neck are red af now. They welcomed us and invited us to have some lunch. These guys are the best. They organized a party at their roof tonight to welcome us and there will be PIZZA!!

We met Quincey, the cutest dog ever.

* us with our new band member*

Today we have some press stuff to do and later we are going to the party to meet people from other bands in Captured Tracks! It’s gonna be awesome🔥

By the way, we took an amazing photo of Antonio, with pictures of himself as his nipples. See below 🙈

Chastity are arriving tomorrow and also Michael our pro maximus x-treme experienced tour manager!!

LET’S ROCKKK (and have breakfast)




We just got to New York!!!

It’s 3:23am and we’re not even sleepy. #jetlag. The flight went strangely good. It’s weird because we always have to deal with all sort of stuff when travelling, but this time everything went so smooth. It feels intriguing.

We were super lucky, at the desk the company made a mistake and asumed we had already payed for the checki-in of our oversized luggage (guitars, bass, cymbals and snare). So we fucking made it for FREE. OMG.

There are so many mosquitoes in this apartment though. I hope we can sleep without beeing stabbed to death by them.

Alright friends of MOURN, pray 4 our sleep hahah Good night everyone in America and Buenos Dias to everyone in Spain! 😀



Hello!!! We are starting this Diary where we’re gonna post our adventures everyday of our upcoming tours. You can expect pics, videos, audio, text, drawings… Whatever we feel like!

TODAY! We are taking a plane to Casablanca (Morocco) and there we’ll take the plane to New York. I love long flights, that’s the place where I can watch like 10 movies in a row without feeling guilty. In-flight Tetris and Sudokus are the best as well. Carla is watching “In-Flight Skin Care Routine” videos hahah I imagine her with a face mask in her seat watching some cartoons lol

Anyway, our American adventure starts tomorrow. Stay tuned if you are curious to know what sort of weird stuff happens to us this time hahah

OH! And we are touring with Chastity by the way. It will be our first tour with another band. I think it will be very special. They just released an album called Death Lust, you can listen to it here. And you can listen to our new album Sorpresa Familia too if you want here hehe.

If you want to catch us on tour and live some of the adventures with us click on TOUR DATES and get your tickets! 21 different cities, 25 days. Let’s see how this turns out!