07/24/18 Hey!! It’s been a long time!! Sorry about that. We had a problem that had to be solved. Leia had to go home because she was not feeling well so we are continuing the tour with Julia, Chastity’s bassist. She’s amazing, she learned all the songs by herself in the van, yesterday it wasSigue leyendo

12/30/18 Yesterday we played San Francisco. It was really cool. I feel like we have a real connection with Julia, we’ve already played 6 shows with her and it’s getting even better everytime. We feel as confident as we could be on stage. The day before we had a problem with the hotel where weSigue leyendo

07/18/18 TODAY we have our FIRST SHOW at Babys All Right! Our day couldn’t start better, Jacky ordered some pancakes for us and we are eating them right now. Best breakfast EVER. In 30 mins we are going to record a Live Session, we still gotta choose wich songs to play! Yesterday’s pizza meeting wasSigue leyendo

07/16/18 part 2 *Jazz and Leia after lunch* We woke up at 6am. Couldn’t sleep more. 3 sad hours of sleep. You didn’t pray enough guys haha We walked through the empty Brooklyn streets and went to the supermarket. Cheerios, bread, milk, juice, water, rice, beans, butter, cheese, bbq sauce and chicken fingers. We spentSigue leyendo

7/16/18 We just got to New York!!! It’s 3:23am and we’re not even sleepy. #jetlag. The flight went strangely good. It’s weird because we always have to deal with all sort of stuff when travelling, but this time everything went so smooth. It feels intriguing. We were super lucky, at the desk the company madeSigue leyendo