Hey!! It’s been a long time!! Sorry about that. We had a problem that had to be solved. Leia had to go home because she was not feeling well so we are continuing the tour with Julia, Chastity’s bassist. She’s amazing, she learned all the songs by herself in the van, yesterday it was our first show with her and it went so well! She rocks!! We are so ready for the rest of the tour and can’t wait to play another show with her.

Today we are heading to Austin, Texas. We have a long drive ahead from New Orleans, but we got movies and food so that won’t be a problem. We are used to it. 8 hour drives got so common in our lives that we are not even bothered by the idea. It’s the lifestyle we chose and we fucking love it.

We don’t know what to expect from Austin, people say it’s an awesome place, we’ve never been there so we are curious to see how it is. We’ve been told it’s 43°C (110°F) there and we are a little scared about that, we’ve never experienced such high temperatures. In New Orleans we were at 31°C and it was already overwhelming, I know it’s because of humidity though. Maybe in Austin the feeling is different.

We’ll try to go on with this diary, hopefully now that everything is going smoothly we can upate it every day!



PS:. Highlight of the week was going to Chipotle with Chastity and getting free meals 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I know it’s only Tuesday, but that’s already the indisputable highlight of the week. VIVA LOS BURRITOS!


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