Yesterday we played San Francisco. It was really cool. I feel like we have a real connection with Julia, we’ve already played 6 shows with her and it’s getting even better everytime. We feel as confident as we could be on stage.

The day before we had a problem with the hotel where we were supposed to stay in Los Angeles. We had 3 rooms booked and a couple days ago we called to cancel one of them, since Leia is not touring with us we don’t need that extra room. But the hotel canceled the 3 rooms instead of canceling just one and they were fully booked and it was Saturday night, so we couldn’t find another place to stay for less than 300 bucks a night. Finally Rebecca (our publicist in the US) let us stay at her house, they were throwing a party there and it was funny because we went straight to sleep when we got there while people were drinking and having fun outside of the room. Antonio had to sleep on the couch so he stayed up and partied with them.

Los Angeles was amazing. We went ro visit the Griffith Observatory with our friend Josh and then we had dinner with him. The show was amazing, people were so awesome, I love when I see them having fun during our set. Some of them were jumping and singing and dancing and that is the best feeling.

Today we are heading to Seattle, we have a 12 hours drive ahead of us, but luckily the show is tomorrow. So we’ll be fine.

(Jazz pulling an extra crazy face in Los Angeles. All pics by Diego)


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