07/16/18 part 2

*Jazz and Leia after lunch*

We woke up at 6am. Couldn’t sleep more. 3 sad hours of sleep. You didn’t pray enough guys haha

We walked through the empty Brooklyn streets and went to the supermarket. Cheerios, bread, milk, juice, water, rice, beans, butter, cheese, bbq sauce and chicken fingers. We spent 64 dollars, I mean, why are supermarkets so fucking expensive here, I mean, 7 dollars a fucking pack of Cheerios. We are musicians. We want Cheerios. We are not rich.

We went to Captured Tracks’ office to say hi. 30 minute walk, not bad, but the sun was like burning hell. Antonio’s face and neck are red af now. They welcomed us and invited us to have some lunch. These guys are the best. They organized a party at their roof tonight to welcome us and there will be PIZZA!!

We met Quincey, the cutest dog ever.

* us with our new band member*

Today we have some press stuff to do and later we are going to the party to meet people from other bands in Captured Tracks! It’s gonna be awesome🔥

By the way, we took an amazing photo of Antonio, with pictures of himself as his nipples. See below 🙈

Chastity are arriving tomorrow and also Michael our pro maximus x-treme experienced tour manager!!

LET’S ROCKKK (and have breakfast)



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